Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why Do We Seek Medical Advice?

As a medical provider it always amazes me that when an individual seeks help, they never really seem to want the reality of what may be the cure. I find more often than not that when I see a patient they are more than willing to share what they may be feeling, however when I seem to offer what I think may be the answer it does not seem to be what they want to hear.

How many of us know someone or even for that matter ourselves, that may have an issue such as obesity, addiction, stress or just general aches and pains? Well, I see it daily and even feel it for that matter. But, why is it when seeking medical consultation there is always, well almost always resistance met with the prescription that may be of help. I constantly hear the same stories over and over, which some may consist of:

- I don't have time
- I'm not getting on medications
- It won't help me
- I can't quit
- It makes me sick

The excuses are endless, and are very frustrating from a provider's point of view. I can honestly say that for myself and other health-care providers something goes off in our brain sort of like this, "Well then what do you want from me?" But fortunately I hope I am speaking for others as well, we are compassionate and caring individuals that would truly like to make a difference and the hopes would be to make the patient ultimately feel and be better. Please read more to find out what can be done to get appropiate medical advice.

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